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We never were a very active group, but unfortunately this is the end of the road. There won’t be more new releases, but all the old ones will remain available. Most of the Togainu no Chi and Sweet Pool raws have been adopted by other groups, so they’ll eventually be released.

We thank all the Nitro+Chiral fans for the support over the years. Take care!


Announcement: Changes to project list

Hello dear readers! If you’ve downloaded our releases recently, you might have noticed that the Releases section was completely revamped. We don’t really swim in released projects, but it should be a bit easier to navigate now. All links to Savefile have been removed since it seems that it no longer exists. We’d like to hear if you have any wishes of additional hosts you’d prefer us to use, currently MF and MU seem the most reliable. Any feedback is welcome!

Also, we’re still interested in recruiting an additional translator, and possibly a raw provider – one that could help us get HQ scans of good Shiki/Akira doujins.

And now the main point of this post. One of our translators has moved on to other things, so we now have some Sweet Pool raws that we’d be interested in either gifting away to a group who’s interested in them, or doing a joint with a group that can provide a translator for them. The books concerned are 000 by VGQ, peace of mind by Tekitou☆, MELT by YOHANESU, and APARTMENT by nattoto.

If your group is interested in these raws, please contact us! Either mail to brokenpromise.scans (at) or directly to Idra to hydrangea.x (at)


We’re good at procrastinating, that’s no secret. I was just checking our site stats and noticed that some comments had been thrown into the moderation queue and no one noticed and approved them. They’re posted now… and we must remember to check it more often. RSS feed is also enabled now if you would like to keep track of us that way!

Our leading procrastinator Idra is doing some solo projects to brush up her Japanese skills, so if you’re interested go check out YukiMitai. So far there’s just Sengoku BASARA and more of that coming, but she’s dabbling in so many fandoms it’s anyone’s guess what else will pop up there.

As for Broken Promise… we’ll keep our promise and deliver a Togainu book next. As soon as our translator can escape her school books.

The rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated

Autumn went past in a whoosh, and I have very little update to give except “yes we are working on the next release”. Delays have been caused by busy real life situations, personally I am currently in Japan, since September and will be returning home and regular procrastination for New Year.

Hope you all are having a good December and enjoy whichever holidays you are celebrating, in the mean time, have some Christmas lighting from rainy Akihabara:

– Idra

Two years and counting

No big news, except the fact that Broken Promise was officially launched two years ago to this date. The team has seen some changes, and the last two years haven’t always been easy for us. We would like to thank all of you who have visited our site over the years, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our coming releases during 2009!

Thank you! ♥

– Idra

Winter update

New season, new layout! Thanks to everyone who have so far voted in the poll, it’s still open if you want to give your opinion!

I’d also like to remind you to update your bookmarks if you haven’t yet. Our old domain will expire in January and we won’t renew it, after that we’ll be found here at

We’ve all been quite busy over the Autumn, but hopefully we’ll be able to bring you a new release in December. It’s a… promise?

Oh my, an actual news update!

Welcome to our new site! As much as we liked the old one, moving was a necessity. Our gracious host Kyolux wasn’t planning on renewing subscriptions this fall, so we decided to pack our things and look for other options. And here we are! Things will be changing a bit still during the coming months. Up until now we’ve had our own domain, one that I personally paid from my own pocket when we started this project. I’m not sure if I’ll renew this domain or if we’ll get another, cheaper option for it. For the time being you can access us both via and You can also comment on our newsposts, registration is not required!

Now what interests most of you most, is probably the status on our releases. We’re continuing our notorious procrastrinating, but with results, I guarantee! Our current Lamento project is in editing, and we’re hoping to release it before August. Next Lamento project is already decided and sent to translation. Our Togainu projects are still on hold, due to lack of translator. *hint hint* We’re also looking forward to seeing how Nitro+Chiral’s upcoming game Sweet Pool will turn out.

We have also planned some other stuff to bring more action to the site during the Autumn and Winter, so stay tuned!

Welcome to Broken Promise, a scanlation group dedicated to doujinshi based Nitro+Chiral's games Togainu no Chi and Lamento ~Beyond the Void~.