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We’re good at procrastinating, that’s no secret. I was just checking our site stats and noticed that some comments had been thrown into the moderation queue and no one noticed and approved them. They’re posted now… and we must remember to check it more often. RSS feed is also enabled now if you would like to keep track of us that way!

Our leading procrastinator Idra is doing some solo projects to brush up her Japanese skills, so if you’re interested go check out YukiMitai. So far there’s just Sengoku BASARA and more of that coming, but she’s dabbling in so many fandoms it’s anyone’s guess what else will pop up there.

As for Broken Promise… we’ll keep our promise and deliver a Togainu book next. As soon as our translator can escape her school books.


Kicking off 2010 with a release! – TOKIMEKI SCHOOL LIFE by Sou

TOKIMEKI SCHOOL LIFE (Lamento) – release date: March 6th, 2010
PUBLISHED: Aug. 2007
CAST: All cast
RATING: PG-13 / gag

Taking a break from Clawserio, we decided to have some fun and dug up this from our pile of raws! A cracky book of devils’ antics as they try to relieve their boredom and end up causing (yet again) trouble for the cats. Visit the Releases page for our previously completed projects.

We’ve been rolling around the idea of picking up some Sweet Pool projects, so there might be some of those in the future. Next project planned will be a Togainu no Chi book. Look forward to it!

The rumors of our demise are greatly exaggerated

Autumn went past in a whoosh, and I have very little update to give except “yes we are working on the next release”. Delays have been caused by busy real life situations, personally I am currently in Japan, since September and will be returning home and regular procrastination for New Year.

Hope you all are having a good December and enjoy whichever holidays you are celebrating, in the mean time, have some Christmas lighting from rainy Akihabara:

– Idra

Tenth release – MAGNOLIA by Clawserio


MAGNOLIA (Lamento) – release date: June 11th, 2009
CIRCLE: Clawserio
AUTHOR: Kousaka Akiho
PAIRING: Rai x Konoe

The usual happened, so we’re a bit late with this… However, I think this book is worth a little wait. Another gorgeous Lamento story by Clawserio. I hope you all will enjoy this as much as we enjoyed working on it! Visit the Releases page for our previously completed projects.

A word about our future plans. We hope to be able to finish two more projects during 2009, but since Idra will be abroad for 4 months this Autumn/Winter, this might not go as we have planned. We’re not going to drop any of our projects, but a few delays might occur. Next book will be a surprise, but it’ll be good! We promise!

Ninth Release


SCRAPS (Lamento) – release date: March 13th, 2009
CIRCLE: Clawserio
AUTHOR: Kousaka Akiho
PAIRING: Rai x Konoe

Visit the Releases page for our previously completed projects.

A new release, just in time for the onset of spring!

And fitting spring perfectly, it’s a very warm and sweet Lamento book. Kousaka-sensei once again gives us a wonderfully insightful story about Rai and Konoe, set after the ending on Rai’s route, about the power of memories and the events that unfold through an old picture.

We hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as we did. Don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. Next time, look forward to a very sexy Rai/Konoe book. Definitely a promise!

Two years and counting

No big news, except the fact that Broken Promise was officially launched two years ago to this date. The team has seen some changes, and the last two years haven’t always been easy for us. We would like to thank all of you who have visited our site over the years, and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy our coming releases during 2009!

Thank you! ♥

– Idra

Eighth release

This feels almost unreal, to finally bring You one of the original raws we’ve been holding on to since practically the time Broken Promise started. It’s been so long I can hardly remember the reason this book was chosen on the list, but I believe it had something to do with Akira’s outfit.


LOVE THICK HONEY (Togainu no Chi) – release date: December 28th, 2008
CIRCLE: Lazy Child
AUTHOR: Shiina Akino
PAIRING: Shiki x Akira

Next month, on January 22nd, is Broken Promise’s two year birthday. We wish to thank You for all your support so far, and hope You’ve enjoyed our releases. We’ll continue to do our best in 2009. That’s our New Year’s resolution and we promise to keep it! Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year, from the Broken Promise team!

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