Announcement: Changes to project list

Hello dear readers! If you’ve downloaded our releases recently, you might have noticed that the Releases section was completely revamped. We don’t really swim in released projects, but it should be a bit easier to navigate now. All links to Savefile have been removed since it seems that it no longer exists. We’d like to hear if you have any wishes of additional hosts you’d prefer us to use, currently MF and MU seem the most reliable. Any feedback is welcome!

Also, we’re still interested in recruiting an additional translator, and possibly a raw provider – one that could help us get HQ scans of good Shiki/Akira doujins.

And now the main point of this post. One of our translators has moved on to other things, so we now have some Sweet Pool raws that we’d be interested in either gifting away to a group who’s interested in them, or doing a joint with a group that can provide a translator for them. The books concerned are 000 by VGQ, peace of mind by Tekitou☆, MELT by YOHANESU, and APARTMENT by nattoto.

If your group is interested in these raws, please contact us! Either mail to brokenpromise.scans (at) or directly to Idra to hydrangea.x (at)


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