Project list updated and we’re hiring!

Razel: “What’s that wailing noise?”
Kaltz: “That’s Idra sobbing on a pile of doujinshi and Aphelion wringing her hands because they can’t do anything without a translator.”


We went through Aphe’s pile of doujinshi and picked more books for our future project list! Feel free to check out the projects page and see what we’re planning.

It’s been a while since we last sought new blood for the team, but we’re now looking for a Japanese-English translator for the Lamento projects.

You don’t need to be perfect in Japanese, but you must be able to read kanji without furigana. Previous translation work is considered a bonus, if you have done any please tell us when you apply (and if possible, provide an example). We hope that you possess some flair with English language to convey the meaning instead of being too literal with your translations. We have a translation checker and a proofreader to help you with this. We hope that you’ll be able to translate a doujin every other month, but this can be negotiated if needed. (This is a hobby for the entire team so we take things like exams into account when planning our schedule.)

If you’re interested, please apply by email to brokenpromise.scans [at] and put “applying for translator” as the subject line!


1 Response to “Project list updated and we’re hiring!”

  1. 1 Yoshioka June 18, 2010 at 4:44 am

    thank you for your hard work!

    It’s been a while ^^~

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