We never were a very active group, but unfortunately this is the end of the road. There won’t be more new releases, but all the old ones will remain available. Most of the Togainu no Chi and Sweet Pool raws have been adopted by other groups, so they’ll eventually be released.

We thank all the Nitro+Chiral fans for the support over the years. Take care!


Nobody Knows by Clawserio

Hello, we’re not dead yet. But it’s close. Due to losing a translator, we’ve been forced to crop the project list down to bare minimum. For the time being, only Lamento projects will continue since the remaining staff is mostly interested in just them. If any other group is interested in adopting Sweet Pool or Togainu no Chi raws, please drop us a message.

Oh, we do have a release, too.

NOBODY KNOWS (Lamento) – release date: March 6th, 2011
CIRCLE: Clawserio
AUTHOR: Kousaka Akiho
PAIRING: Rai/Konoe

This is a rare piece, I don’t think I’ve seen it scanned before. Despite being short, it’s a really sweet story in Clawserio’s usual style. We hope you’ll enjoy it!

[Sweet Pool] absent mindedly by VGQ

absent mindedly (Sweet Pool) – release date: December 27th, 2010
AUTHOR: Inuzuka
PAIRING: Tetsuo x Youji + Makoto

Happy holidays from Broken Promise!

Announcement: Changes to project list

Hello dear readers! If you’ve downloaded our releases recently, you might have noticed that the Releases section was completely revamped. We don’t really swim in released projects, but it should be a bit easier to navigate now. All links to Savefile have been removed since it seems that it no longer exists. We’d like to hear if you have any wishes of additional hosts you’d prefer us to use, currently MF and MU seem the most reliable. Any feedback is welcome!

Also, we’re still interested in recruiting an additional translator, and possibly a raw provider – one that could help us get HQ scans of good Shiki/Akira doujins.

And now the main point of this post. One of our translators has moved on to other things, so we now have some Sweet Pool raws that we’d be interested in either gifting away to a group who’s interested in them, or doing a joint with a group that can provide a translator for them. The books concerned are 000 by VGQ, peace of mind by Tekitou☆, MELT by YOHANESU, and APARTMENT by nattoto.

If your group is interested in these raws, please contact us! Either mail to brokenpromise.scans (at) or directly to Idra to hydrangea.x (at)

[TnC] ACID COLOR by Clawserio

ACID COLOR (TnC: True Blood) – release date: September 5th, 2010
CIRCLE: Clawserio
AUTHOR: Kousaka Akiho
PAIRING: Yukihito x Akira

Here it finally is! Clawserio is definitely one of our favourite circles and we’re always excited to do more of Kousaka-sensei’s beautiful books. This time we take a sidestep to Togainu no Chi’s PS2 version, and peek into Yukihito’s story.

We’re also still looking for a translator, look here for more information!

June release… and we make history, of sorts

Back when we started Broken Promise, we created the tagline “It’s a promise!” Thus far, despite all the procrastinating and slow release speed and you name it, we have kept what we’ve promised and released the book we said we would do next.

We’re really sorry, but we’re going to break that promise this time. We’ve had some complications getting Acid Color translated, so it’ll be delayed. We didn’t want to keep you waiting forever, though. So for light summer reading, we would like to present you a book by one of our favourite circles, Clawserio.

MY WISH (Lamento) – release date: June 17th, 2010
CIRCLE: Clawserio
AUTHOR: Kousaka Akiho
PUBLISHED: Dec. 2006
PAIRING: Asato/Konoe

All the previous Clawserios we’ve done have featured Rai/Konoe, so this is a bit different for a change. My Wish explores the relationship between Asato and Konoe and the significance Asato’s hometown has had for who he is. Kousaka-sensei’s characteristic storytelling and gorgeous art are a combination we love, and we really hope you’ll enjoy this book as much as the previous ones!

Also, we’re still looking for a translator to do more Lamento projects! If you’re interested in helping us, please check here for more information! As always, all our previous releases are available on our releases page.

Project list updated and we’re hiring!

Razel: “What’s that wailing noise?”
Kaltz: “That’s Idra sobbing on a pile of doujinshi and Aphelion wringing her hands because they can’t do anything without a translator.”


We went through Aphe’s pile of doujinshi and picked more books for our future project list! Feel free to check out the projects page and see what we’re planning.

It’s been a while since we last sought new blood for the team, but we’re now looking for a Japanese-English translator for the Lamento projects.

You don’t need to be perfect in Japanese, but you must be able to read kanji without furigana. Previous translation work is considered a bonus, if you have done any please tell us when you apply (and if possible, provide an example). We hope that you possess some flair with English language to convey the meaning instead of being too literal with your translations. We have a translation checker and a proofreader to help you with this. We hope that you’ll be able to translate a doujin every other month, but this can be negotiated if needed. (This is a hobby for the entire team so we take things like exams into account when planning our schedule.)

If you’re interested, please apply by email to brokenpromise.scans [at] and put “applying for translator” as the subject line!

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